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Ah Christmas Town…

So one of my nerdiest interests has got to be my love of the Lemax Village Collectibles.  I think I started collecting these maybe five or six years ago, and they’re definitely one of my favourite parts of Christmas.  You get to create your own idyllic Christmassy ski village in your own house each year, complete with snow, and lights, and music.  Because they are so addictive, I have self-imposed a limit of buying one new building each year and I love figuring out which one it will be each year.  This year I bought a train that is super cute, but unfortunately didn’t fit on the display table I was using (for some reason, my husband wasn’t keen on my taking over the kitchen table for my Christmas Town??), so I think I’ll likely set it up to run around the base of our Christmas Tree.  But I still love the set up of the village.  It’s just such a perfect little place!

So are you convinced and want to start your own?  Probably the cheapest way to start your collection would be to scour mom Facebook groups because, although I can’t understand why anyone would want to sell their stuff, sometimes people decide they are done setting up the villages and they sell them cheap.  But if you want something a little easier, I get all my buildings at Michaels. The newest Christmas Town items usually start popping up around late September/early October.  If you want the best selection, it’s good to grab your yearly choice pretty early on.  But don’t buy it full price!  Michael’s always has lots of sales, either by offering between 40-55% off a regular priced item most days (which is a good time to grab the early Christmas Town releases, before they go on sale).  Or you can wait a couple of weeks and all of Christmas Town usually ends up going on sale by at least 40% and eventually up to 50%.  Plus sometimes Michael’s has an extra 20-25% off sale items, so if you time things right, you can grab yours for a steal.  You just risk having a little less selection.  And if you’re just getting started and don’t care about what is left, you can keep checking out Michael’s around this time of year, as they are usually starting to clear out their Christmas stuff and you can score some stuff for 75-80% off.  That’s assuming anything is actually left to sell by now though.  It turns out that I am not the only nerd out there (I say that with all the respect in the world), and these babies can fly off the shelves pretty quickly!

Oh, and I just found out that Dollarama is now selling little figurines and props that fit Christmas Town, and they’re so cheap!  Like we’re talking between $2-3 each, including snow covered trees.  So fun!

So in my eyes, there’s really no excuse for not starting your own!  And if you do, please send me pics!!



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